Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's playoffs time

Once again, I am reminded why I hate to watch baseball on TV: the spitting. The constant, disgusting spitting that the cameras insist on zooming in on and staying there so we can get the full effect. Blech! It's amazing that whole teams aren't wiped out by the flu each fall and spring, what with all the saliva they're sharing. I can't take it anymore. And, since the Red Sox appear to be getting their heinies whumped by Tampa Bay, I may not have to endure this nausea much longer. :-(


Greg C said...

Don't forget the scratching and picking too. Can it get any worse? I think they should outlaw chewing in baseball. Will these playoffs ever end?

Suztash said...

Why don't all these players get dehydrated?! I think most now chew gum or sunflower seeds, but the end result is the same. I'd hate to be the team that cleans up after the games! Just thinking of it makes me queasy (zy?). You never know, Kristen. The next three games may totally belong to the Red Sox. Can't help wanting Tampa Bay to win, because they're the newcomers and the underdogs. I've always felt akin to underdogs. Love you. Mom

sandwhichisthere said...

I hope that you watched the game. Baseball has its faults but I don't think any other sport can match its drama at times. It is also the only sport that I know of that a kid from the backwoods of Santo Domingo can rise to stardom. I know that it requires more skill and brains to play baseball than any other sport. While the sunflower hulls and tobacco juice may be objectionable to you, think of what the synchronized swimmers must be doing during their extended time in the pool.
Boston is a unique town for baseball. There is the Green Monster, the sausage vendors on Landsdowne street, and most of all , the Cask and Flagon's pastrami,

Wanda said...

I'd rather watch spitting... than crabbing and scratching.....
But I love watching baseball...it's a different kind of excitment that Football...but just as great in its on way.

But then I'm a total sports fan... so I'll watch the disgusting stuff to see my team play.