Saturday, May 19, 2007

Darkness and light

There is a lot of sadness around right now. I know that is always true, but it seems to be enveloping many people I love at the moment, and it breaks my heart. Mostly because I was in a similar place emotionally not so long ago, and I remember how hard it was to see beyond the sadness at the time. For me, there were lots of little rays of light that helped me get through it until I could find my own way back into life and happiness again. And now, my life has been transformed because of it - in a good way. But it took a long time, and it pains me to know that my loved ones will have to make the same struggle. I hope and pray that I can be one of those little rays of light for them.

And now for something completely different...

We had a great day. Of course, I say that now after having had a glass of wine, a raspberry mojito, and a delicious dinner out with our friends. Earlier, there was much groaning and Marge Simpson noises on A's and my part. We were pretty much stuck inside all day because of the rain, and that makes for a trying day with R. Although I honestly can't remember now what he did to make it so difficult. I remember A and I saying "No" a lot, but that's it. I'm sure A could fill me in, but I'd rather be left with my thoughts of R at bedtime - snuggled up against me while I read him story after story, trying desperately to pretend he wasn't sleepy.

Blessing of the day: We all slept in until 7:45 a.m.! And that was with R in our bed, which usually means I get no sleep at all because I'm being elbowed and kicked constantly. But last night/this morning was heavenly. :-)


LEstes65 said...

You are a ray of sunshine in MY life. Know that. Your are one of God's gifts to me. And I'm glad he gifted you with A & R.

Love you...Lynette

NoVA Dad said...

Boy, do I know about the kicking and shoving in bed. If it's not our 3-year-old doing it, it's our 3-month-old who is developing her knack fo it. Hope the weather cleared -- and I hope the rays of sunshine are finding those you love.