Thursday, May 17, 2007

Torn 2.0

If you visited earlier today, I had a post up here called "Torn" that I decided to take down. I had written about how Phillip Yancey's book "What's So Amazing About Grace?" had made me uncomfortable in some ways (because of Yancey's admission that he had been raised a racist and that he used to joke about people who are gay), so I was going to stop reading it. I've been thinking about it all day (at work - this has not been a very productive day for me at the office), and I decided that I need to re-read the parts that upset me and give it a second chance.

So, obviously "Torn" was a good title for my post.


LEstes65 said...

Wow. That is indeed a toughy. I think I would feel the same way.

I love you so much.

NoVA Dad said...

I recently picked up copies of several of Yancey's books at the recommendation of some folks, but I haven't had a chance yet to read any of them. I appreciate your comments on this particular book.

I've truthfully got enough reading to keep me busy for several years -- not a bad problem to have! I don't ever want to hear my two daughters when they get older say, "Dad, there's nothing to read in this house!"

Hope you found the Buechner and Taylor links and info. helpful.

Kristen said...

I didn't want to delete your comments when I revised the post!

Nova Dad - I'll be interested to see what you think of his books when you get to them. And, thank you SO much for the links and info for Buechner and Taylor. I'm planning to delve into all of that tonight after R goes to bed. I'll definitely be placing an Amazon order as well. :-)

LEstes65 said...

Well, I'm proud of you to be big enough to give it another shot. This is just one tiny reason among millions of why I think you're wonderful.