Friday, May 11, 2007


This is R climbing on the rope ladder at the playground. This year, he can do it all by himself (and scare the pants off me)!

I really love taking pictures of R holding hands with someone and walking. This is R and my mom. This day was extra exciting because not only did we go to the park to fly kites, but we saw STREET SWEEPERS in action! If you squint, you can see them at the very top of the street.

My mom made these "space" cakes for R's birthday. She kept apologizing for them, but I LOVED them and so did R. If you can't figure them out, there's a space shuttle, Earth, Jupiter, and the moon.

Another holding hands picture. These are my boys. I thank God every day for them. (Silly Mom note: R's ears don't really stick out like that - the hat is too big and is pushing them outwards.)


Me, my mom, and R. (Again with the ears.) This picture is starting to become a tradition because we take one of the three of us each year when Mom comes up to visit from Florida. I miss her so much! (P.S. No, I am not pregnant, although it sure looks it!)

This was for R's real birthday (his big party was the day before). He was really good at blowing out the candles, especially given that the tall ones were trick sparklers!


LEstes65 said...

Ok, please tell your mom that she needs to come to Texas to make Liam's space cakes for his b-day in July! Those were awesome and I knew what each one was without you telling me. Tell her she ROCKS!

Wanda said...

Kristen: What beautiful pix. What a lovey birthday...R in the candlelight...too precious. You are blessed...are not all of us that wear the title "Mom"
Happy Mother's Day dear.

shaun said...

Cool pictures !! Happy Mother's Day!!