Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A little of what I'm reading

From God's Joyful Surprise by Sue Monk Kidd:
The path of God leads through the very middle of my most daily routine. It does not bypass Oak Streets. In fact, these noisy, busy, boring places are not in the way of God's presence but the way to it. The content of prayer is life itself.
.... Life doesn't stop for the holy to happen. Holiness occurs in the course of life -- or never. You simply open to God here and now. In other words, you don't view life from two different benches, separating life into where God is and where He is not. There is only one bench, one view. All is holy. Every breathtaking moment.

Dear Lord, help me to remember that you are always with me and to see your hand in everything - and your spirit in everyone. Thank you for your presence while I'm working, riding the train, playing with R, and working in the yard. Thank you for helping me to see even the most trivial parts of my day in a new way. Amen!


shaun said...

That is so true . People try to put God in a box , but He can't be contained. Uncontainable unexplainable and wild.
I think the more you understand about God , the more you realise just how little you understand about God .
Have a great day .

LEstes65 said...

Whew! That is very cool.

Wanda said...

Shaun: It couldn't be said any better. Thanks for saying what is in my heart too.