Friday, May 18, 2007

The heat is on

I had to mark this moment in history: today is May 18, and we had to TURN THE HEAT ON. Craziness! It's only 48 degrees here today, plus it's rainy, which makes it worse. Even more momentous: A was the one who turned the thermostat up. Normally, A and I tough it out on days we work from home, plus A is never cold. Even in the wintertime, we wrap up in blankets and drink hot tea while our frozen hands poke out to type on our laptops to avoid turning the heat up when R is at school. But not today. A couldn't stand it anymore and cranked it up to 66. Ah, the joy of New England. Last week we almost hit 90. Now we're back to November weather. On the bright side, we desperately needed the rain, and now everything is very green.

What's everybody up to this weekend?

Today is R's friend's birthday, so we have her party to go to tomorrow afternoon, which will be fun. We're heading to Not Your Average Joe's for dinner with her family. On Sunday after church, we're going to visit my dad. If the weather was nice, we were going to have a picnic at a park nearby my dad's house, but it looks like we'll be inside now. That's okay. R loves my dad's apartment because the rooms are very large with very little furniture, so R can run around and do somersaults and basically entertain himself. Plus, my dad spoils all of us when we visit. He sets out the most delicious feasts - just the antipasto platter alone - with fresh veggies, marinated artichoke hearts, hard-boiled eggs, salami, several kinds of cheese, anchovies, etc. - makes A and I swoon. There's usually an amazing dinner after that. Then, he makes this absolutely sinful chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting. (I got him a subscription to Cook's Illustrated a couple of years ago, and he basically works his way through the recipes.) He cuts a HUGE piece for R, loads it up with ice cream and fresh strawberries, and R has enough sugar in him to stay up all night. But that's what grandparents are for, and R doesn't get to see most of his very often, so we don't mind.

I'm sure I'll post again tomorrow or Sunday, but have a wonderful weekend - God bless!


LEstes65 said...

Mmmmmm....Not Your Average Joes. Love that place. My friend is one of the managers there, still. Bald guy w/ a mustache. Tell Bob I said hi.

I'm sorry you had to turn on the heat. I'm in shorts & t-shirt, bare usual lately.

Weekend plans - hanging w/ my gorgeous boys and church. YEAH!

NoVA Dad said...

Oh, you're living in the midst of my ideal weather! If it was somewhere between 50 and 65 all year, I'd be completely happy. Hope the parties and dinners and such are a lot of fun for everyone. This weekend, we're not doing much -- oldest has dance class on Saturday, and church on Sunday. And with our youngest's christening next Sunday, we have a lot of preparation to do around the house for the family and friends coming in from out of town.

shaun said...

Well I just wish we could turn our air off.It gets so hot here in the afternoons. I am working all weekend then after my split tomorrow I will try to get up for church. It's really hard for me after closing the restaurant to get up early , but I will try. other than that I just hope to steal a few minutes with my kids .
have a great weekend & GOD BLESS