Monday, May 26, 2008

Fun weekend!

We did so much this weekend! On Saturday, we ran errands and went to the park during the day, but in the evening our wonderful babysitter came over so A and I could go out for the night. Our friends' band was playing in Cambridge, but before the show we grabbed some appetizers and drinks at a place next door to the club. Then our friend L came to join us. It was a beautiful night, and the bar was using its open-air seating. The band was fun to see (Lynette: I have tidbits to share!), but mostly it was nice to hang out with some of our friends that we just don't see that often.

On Sunday, we were very productive. A mowed the lawn while R and I played inside, then A took R out to a park for a couple of hours while I cleaned our three-season room/porch, which was a complete disaster area. You could hardly walk out there from all of our stuff. It becomes the dumping ground for outdoor toys, shoes, boots, shovels, garden tools, plus all of our recycling, extra chairs, and pots and glassware that we can't fit in the kitchen. But now it looks really good and R has another room to play in. He immediately made use of it by riding his tricycle around the room. It makes me feel so much better to have it organized because it's the first room guests come into when they enter our house. And, it'll look even better on Wednesday morning after I take the trash and recycling out to the curb.

Today was rocket day - woohoo! It was pretty windy, but otherwise gorgeous (sunny and 80ish degrees), so we went for it. Besides most of our usual crew, two brothers from R's school came, and I think their family really had a good time. The boys spent their time running up and down the field after rockets to recover them, and flying kites in between launches. We lost a couple of rockets because of the wind, but they were inexpensive ones so it wasn't too bad. We'll probably go again sometime in June and launch more then.

After rockets, we came home, grilled up some steak and hot dogs and had a lovely dinner. Now, R is sleeping, A is in the shower, and I'm relaxing on the couch.

The other fun thing this weekend was that R invited his little friend from a few houses down to come over and play and to come over for dinner. The little guy is 2.5 years old, but he and R get along great. It was so sweet to watch R playing host. He was very kind and nurturing, like when he helped S climb down the stairs and told him to be careful of the hot grill, but he also seemed to enjoy telling someone else what to do. R nicely asked S to take off his shoes (we don't wear our shoes in the house) and informed him of several of our rules. A and I were cracking up listening to the two of them: R ordering S around and trying to get him to see 500 different things at once (he gave S a crazy whirlwind tour of our house and his toys), and S happily going along with anything R says because he adores him. It was so cute.

I also bought me some new shoes this weekend. I needed them badly. I don't remember buying shoes for myself since long before R was born. I pretty much wear the same pair every single day, except in the summer when I have a couple of pairs of completely worn out and faded sandals. So, this morning, I found two pairs of funky and cute Skechers on clearance - woohoo!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too. :-)


Cap'n Slappy said...

R's playtime with his buddy sounds a lot like what goes on around here, younger(or older) friends can be kind of like siblings,with that unfailing admiration thingy going on. It's great that he is so kind to his friend. And congrats on your outlandish shoe purchase! Have you tried the ugly foam rubber clog things yet? I thought there was absolutely no way I would ever wear them, and then Shaun bought me a pair, and it's like walking on freaking mattresses. And you just hose them off when they are dirty. And Calvin runs around in them with no problem, when he can't quite yet get the hang of flip flops.I highly recommend! Love you!

LEstes65 said...

Oh cool. I'll have to ping you.

Who are the boys sitting on?

Greg C said...

My boys love the rockets too. We always loose them when we shoot them off. Once they get above the trees there is always too much wind. Oh well it is fun.

Trish Ryan said...

New shoes, rockets, AND a date night? THAT is a fabulous weekend!

Wanda said...

Oh Kristen, what a darling picture...looks like a train ride.

Kristen said...

Nettie - That picture is R and his two little friends from school sitting on their dad's lap. R was the first one to sit down there!

Cap'n slappy - I finally broke down and bought a pair of those silly shoes - from the Christmas Tree Shops, of course - and I love them! Very comfy.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I need a new pair of shoes too. Comfy ones. :)

That is cute about the neighbor kid. I liked seeing my son follow other kids around and then now he has a couple kids that follow him around.

Cap'n Slappy said...

oh no no no PLEASE don't apologize, I just YESTERDAY(aren't I dramatic) found R's giftcard in a drawer searching for my phone, and am such a great big jerk, I am writing him a letter now sort of explaining that Aunt Johanna is a big loser but it's not his fault kind of thing. I had a cool birthday, where I didn't really have to do much at all(get it?!) Unfortunately, my best friend Kathleen(Lucille) is moving like 50 miles away tomorrow, so it's kind of sad too, because now I'll be reduced to talking to crackheads trying to sell me their televisions and half empty oxygen tanks at 4 am. Just kidding! Sort of!! Umm, did you get a random message from Aunt Leslie lately? It was just sort of a surprise, I guess, and no way to contact back. I'm glad you got the ugly shoes, I didn't know if it was just a Florida thing, but they are freaking awesome in the yard taking care of animals(lightweight ones that don't step on your feet). Hope to have a movie for R to see of everyone tomorrow! Think I have the technology!(Shaun is home!) Totally identify with the single parent thing. Love you!!!!Word verification is zblcem,awesome name for a large dog.