Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's that burning smell? Oh, it's my face.

Not much exciting going on in Kristenland this week. I could go into great detail about how my body is messing with me and making me think all kinds of paranoid things about my health, but the summary is that I just feel weird. I don't know what the heck it is, but it's almost always nothing, so I'm going with that.

Yesterday, I got my lovely package of products from DHC Skincare. I LOVE this company. A lot of their products are olive-oil-based, everything is packaged so beautifully, and you get to pick four free samples with every order. Plus, they send you 2-3 free samples in every catalog. I save the free samples for travel or to treat myself to a spa night once in awhile. Oh, and everything I've used from them works amazing!

This time, I decided to try their new skincare set for "problem" skin because my face gets progressively oilier and more broken out with every year. I never had these skin problems when I was a teen! Anyway, I tried it out last night. Everything had salicylic acid in it and I was a little worried that I'd wake up with a beet red face, but so far so good in that respect.

The products even smelled all lovely and pepperminty when I put them on. But when I laid down in bed last night, I smelled a very distinct burning odor. And it's still with me this morning.

There's something unnerving about my face smelling like a bonfire.


LEstes65 said...

Yipe! I hope you figure that out. I wish you were here. I'd spa you with all my stuff. If it didn't mean I'd have to check a bag, I'd bring a bunch up in July and spa you then. Maybe I'll just take us to a real spa! Nah - probably not. I'd rather hang with our boys!

sandwhichisthere said...

be careful with salicylic acid. The next time that you are in a drug store, look at the ingredients of wart remover. It is 100% salicylic acid. That stuff has a serious effect on tissue. Your sisters must be snickering when they find out you have pimples. I remember a lament they had when you were all younger. "Dad, it's not fair! Kristen has perfect skin, perfect teeth, long straight blond hair, and she has never had a B. She gets up in the morning and turns around and makes her bed. She is driving us crazy.",

Wanda said...

Oh that sounds scary ~~~ Glad you are OK.