Friday, May 16, 2008

Mission accomplished!

A and I took today off from work to go on the hunt for things for our bathroom. We've tried this a few times already, usually with poor R in tow, and it hasn't gone well or very far. But today we finally made some decisions!

One of the trickiest things is trying to find a vanity for our bathroom because the bathroom is so dang small. Our current vanity is only 18 inches wide, and we can't fit anything much bigger than that even with the renovation. Most vanities start at 24 inches wide, which is way too big for our space. To complicate matters, I really wanted a vanity on feet so that I clean underneath it and beside it. Our current one goes to the floor and leaves about 1 inch of space between it and the wall next to it, so I can't really get in there to clean, which drives me bonkers. Just as we were about to give up and go with a pedestal sink today (in other words, give up our hopes of having any kind of storage in the bathroom), we found a vanity in beautiful hardwood on feet in a dark cherry stain for a decent price - woohoo!

We also found a faucet we loved (although we may have to ditch that one because it's very expensive) and an undermount sink that will work. And, here's the toilet we picked out a few weeks ago.

Next it was off to the granite/marble/stone and tile showroom. We really want a granite countertop because we figure it won't cost us *that* much since the countertop will be so small. The owner recommended that we go visit their warehouse this weekend so that we can find a "scrap" piece of granite and just pay for what we need, instead of having to buy a whole slab. Apparently, the warehouse is never open on weekends, but they're going to be open this Sunday morning for a one-time thing. It's a sign! :-)

We also decided to look at tile while we were there because we both really love slate and wanted to check out the price. The owner showed us the slate but also showed us porcelain tile that looks just like slate and is easier to take care of, more durable, etc. We found a gorgeous tile that we absolutely love for the floor and we can afford it (again because the bathroom is so ridiculously small). It's dark gray but has patterns of color through it that go well with the vanity. Around the tub, we're going to do white subway tiles but with a band of mosaic tiles of the tiles we're using for the floor. We laid it out on the floor of the showroom and got so excited! We finally have a plan and an idea in our heads of what it's going to look like. Yay! Plus, I'll still get to have my dream of white beadboard on the non-tub walls.

In R news, he started going to the Pre-K-II classroom this week and loved it. It's a much bigger class than he's used to (18 kids), but they have 2 or 3 teachers there at all times, and they break up into smaller groups throughout the day. Seven of R's very good friends are already in that class, so he's happy to be there. For a few weeks, he'll be in the Pre-K-II class twice a week and in his Pre-K-I class once a week. So I think that will be a nice transition for him. In Pre-K-II, they have a lot more activities - like cooking, visiting a local nursing home, movie night, plus they are working on two plays right now that they're going to perform at the "graduation" ceremony in June. I'm excited for R to get to do some new things, but I'm still a little sad at his growing up so fast. All of a sudden it seems to have kicked into full speed.

Recently while R takes his bath, I've been writing out words for him to figure out - either on the tub walls in bath crayons or with our little doodle pad. If I forget, R asks me to do it. Tonight, I wrote out probably 20 different words, and he sounded all of them out all by himself. I was so proud of him! I started out with sock, then built on that with block, dock, clock, etc. Then I would write out words that he had just spoken while playing, like tweet, splash, blast, rocket. Later on, when he came downstairs from bed to go to the bathroom, I found him in the hallway with the doodle pad practicing writing Ss.

Tomorrow, we're off to get R some new shoes because he broke his again today (second pair in three months). Luckily, we bought them at L.L. Bean and they have a lifetime guarantee. You just bring in the broken shoes, they give you a store credit, and you go find a new pair. I love that.


Steve said...
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LEstes65 said...

A) Love that faucet.

B) I smell a genius!!!