Thursday, May 1, 2008

I've got a whole lot of nothin' for you

I really do not have a whole lot to write about lately. Just little snippets about what the heck I've been up to, which will probably only interest my family, so I apologize in advance to my non-blood-related blogger family.

R had his annual doctor's visit on Tuesday. He grew 4.5 inches last year (average is 2 inches)! He's at the 96th percentile for height (43 inches) and 60th for weight (38 pounds). So he's tall and lean just like his handsome daddy. May he always be that way!

I've been stressing a little this week about R's big party coming up on Saturday. For some reason, no party stores have anything for a space-themed party. NOTHING. What is up with that? We know of at least two other families who have struck out with trying to plan a space party. We finally decided to get dark navy tablecloths and utensils, and we found some rocket plates online that I had express-shipped. (It was worth it, though - they are pretty cool.) We're picking up a plain cake from Costco, and then I'm going to decorate it myself with rockets and other space-related stuff because I've gotten pretty good at drawing rockets for R. For the goody bags, we got star-shaped rubber balls that light up when they bounce, books of stickers about the planets (that are also educational), bubbles, noisemakers (by R's request), mini spirographs, and I can't remember what else now. I do understand now why most people just buy a bunch of junk to put in goody bags - all of that stuff is SO expensive!

I'm also putting together a CD of R's favorite songs for the party. That was fun. I've got some train songs (Johnny Cash, Grateful Dead), reggae, ska, some of our friends' bands, Aretha, some 50s stuff, and even the Andrews Sisters. He probably won't even notice with all the craziness of 17 kids, but that's okay.

Instead of presents, we're doing a book swap at the party. Everyone is supposed to bring a wrapped book, and then take another one when they leave. The other parents have all told me how much they like the idea, so I hope it works out okay. I'm not sure R realizes that he won't be getting a slew of presents, but I again think he won't even notice with all the excitement.

In non-party matters... I got my copy of Trish's book in the mail yesterday, and I started reading it on the subway today. I'm really enjoying it - it's one of those books that I didn't want to put down when I got to my stop and got really annoyed at having to actually work today because it's interfering with my reading time. Plus, it's so interesting reading a book by someone you know in real life. It's almost as if I can hear Trish telling the stories as I'm reading it, which is really nice. :-)

I've also started reading Tony Campolo's Red Letter Christians: A Citizen's Guide to Faith and Politics. I'm only a few pages into it and I like it so far, although I've definitely had a couple of moments where I felt myself cringing in disagreement. But that's fine!

And, I ordered a Love and Logic parenting book because my favorite mom blogger swears by that method. Lately, A and I have been very frustrated with R not listening to us, running away from us, talking back, etc. He's not a bad kid at all. He's really a sweet boy with a ton of energy. But it would be nice to have some techniques to rely on in dealing with him instead of A and I winging it and feeling a bit useless.

It's gorgeous up here in New England again today: sunny, bright, warmish, and everything is blooming. I walked to the train station again. I'm really treasuring the times when I can do that because I'm getting exercise, plus I have 25 minutes to myself and with God. Beneficial in many ways! And, today, I get to head home mid-day to hang with R because A has another dentist appointment. So yay for that!

I hope you all have a great day!


sandwhichisthere said...

Train songs? What about "City of New Orleans".
Don't worry about talking back. If he doesn't learn it at home, he will never learn it,as I remember, you were pretty good at it. It is all part of being a boy, or it used to be. I read an interesting view about that long ago. If Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Napoleon were in America today and very young, they would all be diagnosed as ADD and have the spirit crushed out of them in grammar school. CONFORM or go to the sunshine class.
You know more about raising Rix than any book does. Go with what you feel is right. You have spent a lifetime doing the right thing and I am sure you will this time. No one knows what is right for Rix like you do. From what I have seen, he is a very nice little boy with a lot of energy. Get him a stuffed tiger and a large cardboard box labelled TRANSMOGRIFIER. He has a long way to go and will need the energy and imagination, they are as good as pixie dust for the trip,

Kansas Bob said...

Look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on the Campolo book.. good to read something that makes your cringe a bit :)

Wanda said...

Hi Kristen ~~ reading your post made me feel like we were sitting in the kitchen chatting....good writing dear friend.

Love and Hugs

shaun said...

I second your dad's comment. You may not know this yet, but we are all winging it.
My favorite thing to ask expectant mom's or dad's is," Are you ready?". About half say ,"yes" and I always reply,"no you aren't". I don't think anyone ever really is ready, how could they be?You have to be a dad or a mom to know what it's like. Plus, you can teach knowledge, but wisdom is from experience, and in my opinion far more excellent.
Peace and Grace to you,A & R