Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pink eye

I'm working at home today because I woke up with what looks like conjunctivitis, and I'd prefer not to infect everyone at the office. I took some Claritin just in case it's related to allergies, but so far it's having no effect, so I may have to visit my doctor tomorrow for some antibiotics. Argh. I'm not looking forward to the havoc that they'll wreak on my digestive system. :-(

The tooth fairy visited our house on Tuesday night. Somehow R got it into his head that the tooth fairy brings presents instead of money. (Since none of his friends have lost teeth yet, I blame PBS. I'm sure it was that whiney Caillou!) He also said that she comes every night to check for teeth. I'm glad that doesn't give him the creeps, but it does me, so I told him that maybe she receives some kind of radio signal when there's a tooth waiting for her so she knows to visit that child's house. A picked up a little package of an "instant railroad" - the little capsules that you put in warm water and then foam shapes inside expand and appear - as the present. R was beside himself with excitement when he found it in the morning. It actually is pretty cool because it includes an engine, tender, tanker car, flat car, cargo car, and a caboose, and they all fit together (that is VERY important to R - he gets upset when trains don't "click" together).

I have mixed feelings about perpetuating the tooth fairy idea, especially since I don't do it for Santa, but R got most of this from other sources, so I'm just playing along. I did ask him if he thought the tooth fairy was an angel, and he gave me an emphatic "No!" with a look on his face that indicated I was very silly and naive.

What are you all up to for the long weekend? We have a rocket outing planned for Monday, and A and I may get out to see a friend's band on Saturday night, but other than that, we don't have any plans yet. Which is just fine with me. :-) It's supposed to be warm and beautiful here, so I'm very excited!

Cute R quote of the week:
"Daddy? Can you come lay down on the couch with me? I need some help warming up my feet."


Teachermom said...

I can't believe he's already lost a tooth! I had to crack up at the "whiney Caillou" comment! LOL!

Thanks for the Boston recommendations. I would say that we should meet up, because I love meeting up w/blogger friends, but we're going to be there such a short time that we will probably be jamming it w/as many activities as possible - especially with all your great ideas! :)

sandwhichisthere said...

Sweetheart, I don't thnk that you have to worry about antibiotics. If I remember correctly they give you a salve to rub in your eyes. Don't fall for the theory that tears contain the same ingredients, it doesn't work.
Rix will soon abandon the tooth fairy and I think you did the right thing. The tooth fairy is part of our culture and you can't protect him from all of our myths. Like Jack Frost, I think the concept is harmless. Even the Curse of the Bambino turned out to be just a legend, although after so many years it was looking pretty substantial. Even Hubble's Constant turned out to be incorrect. Has the swelling gone down?

Suztash said...

Sorry about the pink eye, but I'm glad that you get to be home today. Hope your weekend is great. Nothing planned on this end, except soliciting a very large lab coat from my very large podiatrist (should he happen to be throwing one out)...for the scientist in our vacation Bible school. I'm glad R got such a great little surprize under his pillow. I don't think there's any harm in the tooth fairy....just adds to the wonder of childhood. God bless. Hope to talk to you today. Love you, Mom

Greg C said...

You obviously don't work where I do. The idea is to come into work sick so that everyone gets sick. Thank you for being considerate.