Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cleaning can be expensive

A and I decided to use the self-clean feature of our oven today because it really was getting pretty gross. The oven came with our house when we bought it, and it's from the 70s. It's even that icky avocado green color! We've never used the self-clean before, but we can still read the self-clean instructions on the oven door, so we gave it a shot.

We set the timer, turned the dials to Self-Clean, moved the lever to lock it, and we were off.

The self-clean cycle finished up successfully, turned off, and then we waited for the oven to cool down so we could unlock the door. An hour later, we couldn't unlock it - but it still felt a little warm, so we figured it hadn't cooled down enough to trigger the unlocking mechanism.

Five hours later the oven was cool to the touch. A tried to unlock the door. I tried to unlock the door.

The door won't unlock. It's been nine hours. So we have a (presumably) nice and clean oven that we can't use.

My quest for cleanliness may end up costing me a new oven. Now, to be honest, A and I have been sort of waiting for the thing to kick the bucket so we could justify buying a new one. But that doesn't really fit into our whole saving money thing right now. And, having to throw out an oven just because the door won't unlock seems like a really stupid reason to get a new oven.

(Actually, I did a search online, and I think I found some instructions for how to get the mechanism unstuck. It involves taking off the back panel of the oven and doing some tinkering. So I think we'll be okay. I hope!)

Beware the cost of cleaning! :-) I blame the BBC show "How Clean Is Your House?" which scares the twinkies out of me.


Ericka said...

Too bad you don't have an appliance warehouse near you - it's used stuff, but pretty cheap & they service everything for you until it works! We actually chose to buy an avocado fridge from them - lol.

Greg C said...

Our last oven was an avacaco color and it had the self cleaning feature on it. I think we used it once and it too took way too long to get back open. Wait till you see your electric bill. That cleaning feature takes alot of energy.

Suztash said...

If you are unsuccessful in opening your oven door, be reassured that at least if you must resort to purchasing a new stove that they are now much more energy efficient and will end up saving you money in the long run. Sears is very good about payment plans and sell many brands....some makes and models rated highly in Consumer Reports. I think they may offer zero per cent financing for a year. That makes paying for it almost painless. Good luck. Love you, Mom