Tuesday, January 20, 2009

He knows the way to my heart - and how to maniuplate it

When R woke up this morning, he smiled and whispered to me, "Barack Obama becomes President today! Yay!"

Later (but before breakfast), he ran up to me and said, "Mommy, can I have a piece of candy? I'm very calm!"

He's been listening to me when I tell him that he can't have any candy/ice cream/cookies at certain times of day because the sugar makes him crazy. (And, boy, does it! It's almost instantaneous and frightening. He literally bounces off the walls and furniture.)

Will add more quotes as they come up. :-)


sandwhichisthere said...

it must be hard for a boy to stay away from sweets when his Father makes the best darn chocolates in the world. I don't recall you ever having a sweet tooth. You were the one that would have an apple or a chicken pattie for a snack. What about dried fruit? I am sure there must be some that does not contain excessive amounts of sugar. I know that there are apricots preserved with honey which I think is O.K..
I was lucky, I grew up in a house that had very few sweets. My Mother would get Cheezits for snacks and my Father's idea of dessert was another piece of roast beef.
all of my love, always, daddy

Wanda said...

From the mouth of Babes...

I grew up in a home where dessert was a must after dinner. Probably why I love to bake...and give alot a way....or I'd weigh 300 lbs.

Hey, I'm calm, can I have a piece??
Love and Hugs

Greg C said...

I am calm today too. Where is my candy? :) He has you right where he wants you.