Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cold, snow, and Legos

We had ANOTHER snowy Sunday. It really was beautiful, and we don't mind a big storm on a Sunday when there's a Monday holiday the next day. But we are getting a teensy bit tired of the snow and cold and being housebound. Our street and neighborhood seems to be one of the last in our town to be plowed, so we're often stuck because our car is terrible in the snow. A actually asked me not to go to church this morning because he was really worried about me driving. A is not a worrier by nature, so when he expresses concern, I listen. I stayed home with my boys.

All this snow and cold has given me the chance to see R develop some new skills. For Christmas, he got several different fairly complicated Lego sets, and we have been building them, taking them apart, and then rebuilding them together. Although I really shouldn't say "we" because R has been doing it almost entirely himself. He has really amazed me with his patience and his ability to follow many, many steps in the directions to finish a Lego project. He will spend hours at a time doing it. One of the kits has something like 56 steps to it! All I do is hand him the pieces he needs; he figures out where they go and fits everything together. I am so proud of him. And, even better, he's really proud of himself.

So today was: Legos, pancakes and sausage for breakfast, hot cocoa, Legos, laundry, Legos, laundry, Legos, lunch, Legos, tea and scones, laundry, Legos, a wee bit of PBS Kids, cleaning up for dinner guests, hanging out with friends and their beautiful twins, board games with R and my friend, an amazing dinner by A, brownies and ice cream for dessert to celebrate friend's birthday, entertaining babies, crackling fire in the fireplace, watching the inauguration concert (it was so touching to see Pete Seeger up there with his son and Bruce Springsteen leading everyone in "This Land Is Your Land"), calming down a hyper happy R, saying goodbye to friends and babies, devotions with R, washing a ginormous pile of dishes, and relaxing on the couch with my blanket, a warm cat, and my laptop. What a wonderful day!

I realized tonight that our house is really small. I mean, I knew it was small but it has enough space for the three of us. The problem arises whenever we want to have any more than three people in the house. I'd love to invite a bunch of people over for dinner, but we can only do that in the summertime because then we're outside and it doesn't matter. Adding two adults and two babies to the head count in our house makes things pretty darn cramped. We're climbing over each other and shuffling behind one another to get by. There's nothing we can do about it (unless we win the lottery), but I guess it just makes me a little sad because we can't really entertain. Almost everyone on our street has the same house, and many of the families have lived here for 30+ years and raised 2 and 3 boys in those houses. How did they do that? Did everyone just have less stuff? I'm really curious how they did it.

Another snowy day tomorrow, but hopefully we can get outside and go sledding now that our temps are closer to the freezing mark. Yay! (I really don't need another day that starts out at 1 degree.)


sandwhichisthere said...

Sweetheart, Fifty-six methodical steps done in the correct sequence slowly to achieve the desired effect. I see genes at work there, genes that I used to watch learning and mastering new things. When you were last here I watched his Father's inquiring mind and quiet confidence at work in Rix. You and Alan have combined for an incredible result.
Bigger house= more space= more room for more stuff= more expense= back to the old amount of free space with less resources. Does the term vicious circle come to mind? Take your pick, cozy nook or big rambling empty barn.
Warm blanket, cup of cocoa, purring cat, and a good book. I see another set of genes at work there. You are a wonder and a source of great pride.
There was one thing in your post that impressed me greatly. You said that "When he talks, I listen." That is rare in people today. I see a long happy life together for the two of you. I have seen Alan put forth an opinion, you modify it slightly, and Alan agree with your thoughts. The two of you complement each other seamlessly. No one seems to be striving for dominance. This will be good for Rix, as the time will come when he will try to take advantage of dissenting opinions among his parents. This is not a negative thing as all children try to do this. It is an innate ability that all children posess. He will encounter a united front and this will serve him well in later life,
all of my love to you and your family, always, daddy

Ericka said...

I'm a bit tired of the snowiness too - although I certainly am appreciating the holiday :) And, shoveling turns out to be a good workout for my weak little girly-arms.

We have the big house - but still can't really entertain, since there are still no walls on the 2nd floor. But... the heating system guy just called to say he would be here just before lunch. HE CALLED!!!! This is extraordinary behaviour for a contractor, and just more confirmation that I think we chose the right guy. Hope you have a good day, and don't step on any legos barefoot :)

Greg C said...

We are possibly getting snow tonight. The kids are really excited. Our house is very small but we like it that way. It's nice and cozy.

Kansas Bob said...

I love Legos Kristen.. still have a box in my closet that the grandkids pull out when they are over.