Monday, January 12, 2009

What's happening (updated!)

Updated to add: I almost forgot! I have spent six nights in a row in my own bed all night. Tra-la-la, woohoo, yippee!!! R has woken up once in awhile, but I've been able to just tuck him back in and go back to my own room. Yay!

Our stove/oven is fine. Greg was right - it takes a REALLY long time to cool down completely from the self-cleaning cycle. And, we had mistakenly turned the selector knob to OFF too soon. The next morning, A turned the knob back to Self-Clean and the lock popped open right away. Apparently, we had interrupted the cycle. Whoops!

Speaking of A, it looks like he'll be okay at work for at least another two months. The plan is to keep him indefinitely, but of course we have no idea what will happen. At least it looks like we have some more time. Thank you, God!

We got a babysitter for this Thursday night because we have to go to the "Getting Ready for Kindergarten" meeting for parents. And, the meeting for R's specific elementary school is in two weeks, where we'll officially register him. ACK! I'm researching after-school options now because we have to cover the time between when R will get out of school (2:15) and when we get home from work (6 - and that's with leaving early!). Luckily, the options are fairly inexpensive and R won't have to go every day because A and I both work from home a day each week. I'm in denial about what we're going to do during the summers, though. We've been so lucky with his daycare/preschool/pre-K school because they're open year-round. The public school year is really designed with the assumption that there's a stay-at-home parent at home.

I haven't been to church in weeks. It's partly been because of repeated weekend snowstorms, but I'm also a having a bit of a dilemma about it. I like my church but I really, really, really hate going alone. On Sunday mornings, I want to be with my family. And, the children's church/Sunday School doesn't work for R there - he was intimidated by the environment, I think. I've actually been toying with going back to the Lutheran church I used to attend because I think there's a slight chance that A would go with me regularly AND they have a much more appealing children's church option for R (in that he actually participated and it's much shorter). Also, we have friends that are seeking a church for their family and I think it would work for all of us to go together there (they were raised Catholic, so the Lutheran church would be a little more familiar to them). But I really don't know what to do. So I'm praying about it. A lot.

My new year's ideas are working well so far. I've been eating better, exercising, getting more sleep, and I've been in a MUCH better mood. (Except for today - silly hormones are making me cry at everything. I sobbed at an episode of Frasier this morning! But I was laughing at the same time at how ridiculous I was being. Hee hee.)

That's all for now. Gotta get back to work and start dinner in the crockpot. Happy Monday!


Greg C said...

I have trouble understanding the hormone thing but I will take your word for it. I know my wife used to go through that sort of thing.

We often go to church during the Saturday night service just because they have a better youth program during that service. It is very important for me and part of the reason that we go is for the children. They have the same service on Sunday morning but there is no youth program. :(

Stef said...

Loved your latest post, K! Thanking God along with you guys that A has at least a couple more months at work.

On the church front, what if tried the Lutheran church for a few weeks to see whether it's a better fit for you all? If you viewed it as a 4-week trial run (or whatever amount of time you and A think makes sense), it might not seem like such a major decision.

xoxo to you all, S

Kansas Bob said...

Glad to hear about the job situation.. still praying for a door of opportunity to open.. sounds like you all have a few more months.

Hope you find peace about church.. it is difficult decision.

Blessings, Bob

Suztash said...

Kristen, when you were little, we attended a catholic church up in Plastow, NH, because they had a wonderful set-up of a family chapel. It was set behind the altar with one way, sound-proof glass. You could see and hear everything, you were sitting in pews and had hymnals and bulletins so you could follow along and participate, but no one could see or hear you and any noise your children made. It doesn't so much matter where you attend a church, as long as Jesus is held to be LORD and Saviour and part of the Trinity, and most important: that you attend! Everyone must find their own style and fit....their comfort level. Of course, that changes over time and circumstance. God is pleased with your desire to worship and serve. You'll find the right place of worship. God bless. Love you, Mom

Greg and Kim said...

I've been meaning to comment on this since you posted it. I keep marking it as "unread" in my reader. :) I just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you with the church thing. I, for one, love that you're thinking about it all -- how to include A and your friends. That's awesome! I trust that the Lord will lead you and give you peace and/or restlessness with a decision. Know that if you do move, you'll be greatly missed...but supported as well.