Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day activities

Our snow day went by quickly, but I felt badly for R because A and I both had to work from home so we couldn't pay as much attention to him. I had two conference calls, and A and I are both working on launching a new website for our company. We still had fun, though.

During our snack break, R and I discovered the most wonderful treat: dipping madeleine cookies in hot cocoa. Oh my goodness, it's delicious.

So we had three cookies each and then convinced A to try it, too.

R expounds upon the exquisite buttery, chocolaty-ness.

Then, R put together (again) his Lego cargo jet. (Thank you, Dad!) He did most of it by himself when I wasn't even in the room. He ran into the kitchen to show me. The thing is huge.


I don't think I've mentioned these kits before. R spent part of the day on this, too. These kits are the best! R first tried one at our friends' house on Thanksgiving, and he's been hooked ever since. We get them at Michael's crafts store for $1 each. They have all different vehicles: trucks, boats, race cars, trains, helicopters, planes, etc. And, I think they have other non-vehicle kits, too. The kit includes all the wooden pieces to put together, a set of paints and glue, a paint brush, a little piece of sandpaper, and the instructions. For $1! Isn't that crazy? They make for a great indoor activity.

No playing in the snow today because the snow changed over to ice, then rain. It's been raining for hours now, so hopefully some of the 7 inches that fell will wash away. Tomorrow the sun returns. Yay!


Wanda said...

What darling pictures, and yummy treats.

R is so adorable!

Greg C said...

It is raining here today and it looks like it will be cold this weekend. I need to find something to entertain my boys inside. Something Cheap I might add.