Monday, January 26, 2009

"Where it's snowing all winter through..."

I saw this when I went to Intellicast tonight to check the forecast for this week:

Here are the details that made me want to cry:

Six more inches!?!! We already have two feet of snow (at least) on the ground, and the places where the plows have piled the snow are 4+ feet high. Where are we going to put this new snow? After the last storm, I had to use my shovel like a catapult to throw the snow on top of the snowbanks. The ice dams on the front of our house still haven't melted completely. And, our neighbor's huge deathsicle has grown to about five feet long and four inches wide, with a forked end. When that thing falls, no squirrel better be beneath it or else we'll have a squirrelsicle.

Normally, I would be excited because snow = sledding and snowman-making and snowballs. But it's been too darn cold most days to play outside. I don't know how my friends in the Midwest deal with this every year!

However, I am thankful that I have a job where I can work from home on snow days if I want to or if R's school closes. I'm also thankful that R has recently become obsessed with Legos and can sit for hours assembling them. That makes being stuck inside all winter a whole lot easier. And, who knows? Maybe all this cold, cold weather is keeping some evil virus dormant and preventing it from wiping out the population of New England.

No matter what comes, though, we'll be prepared. We've got the two snowstorm essentials: lots of milk and Ghirardelli cocoa.


Greg and Kim said...


And I love your survival kit! :)

Suztash said...

Remember The Long Winter, Laura Ingalls Wilder? Thank God it hasn't come to sitting in a circle taking turns grinding wheat or corn! Thank God for homes and heat and food! I remember the cabin fever and the frustration of over and over again storms and cold. Wish we could just whisk you away for a few weeks or more of sunshine and warm breezes. Hope this will be the last of cold and snow for everyone up north. God bless. Love you, Mom