Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 15 - 30 Days of Thanks: Laughter

I've been feeling a little sad today because I've been struggling with my annual lingering cough that comes out of nowhere and leaves me exhausted. So, I thought I would focus on the positive. Today, I'm thankful for laughter and humor and silliness! And, R is an endless source of all of those.

It's really hard to be sad when R is around. Not only does he do crazy things and make crazy faces, but he also says the most hilarious things, especially when he's not trying to be funny. Last week, he lamented, "Every second of my life brings me one step closer to death."

One of my favorite websites to visit when I need a laugh is Catalog Living. If you haven't seen it yet, it's written by a comedian who takes photos from catalogs like Pottery Barn and Ethan Allen and adds her own captions relating to an imaginary family (Elaine and Gary and their children). I haven't been able to go into the Pottery Barn store without giggling now.

Laughter is such a wonderful gift. It helps me get through difficult or stressful situations and heal from past hurts. It releases tension and puts people at ease. And, you can find humor in almost anything.

Case in point: This sign I saw last Thanksgiving. 

What makes you laugh?

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Stef said...

LOVE the pics of R! They made me smile and laugh out loud! Times with my girls always make me laugh :). xoxo