Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 23 - 30 Days of Thanks: Friends

I was in a bad mood this evening. I wasn't feeling great physically and I had some unpleasant news at work that upset me. I was angry and in pain and ready to explode. In my opinion, I needed to go home, relax, and go to bed.

Instead, A called to tell me that friends were coming over for dinner.

I'm not always great with spontaneous plans, especially when they involve people coming to my house when I'm not there to clean it beforehand. I just wanted A to call our friends back to cancel. But we didn't. So, I freaked out a little. (Okay, a lot.)

In spite of my stupidity, our friends were just what I needed. A few hours sharing a meal together by candlelight, watching R play with and be absolutely adored by two toddlers, and talking about everything but work made my crankiness disappear. I even smiled and watched happily while the toddlers methodically took out every toy and game we own. Because who cares about a clean house, especially when you're surrounded by tiny people who jump into your lap, throw their arms around your neck, and squeal with giggles?

I'm glad I didn't miss out on this sweet time with people I love.

I'm thankful for friends and friendship.

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about friendship! When I'm down, time with friends who know me and love me always picks me up! Glad it did the same for you, although I would've been equally as bothered by the last minute dinner invite. xoxo