Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 21 - 30 Days of Thanks: Beautiful Things, Creative People

Today, I'm thankful for sites that are full of inspiration, creativity, and beauty. These are a few of my recent favorites:
  • Interior Accents - The Etsy shop of a very talented woman who specializes in painting and finishes
  • - I've written before about this Swedish designer's blog, but now she has an Etsy shop featuring her colorful Swedish prints
  • Sandra Juto - Swedish designer and knitter who invented Wrist Worms (I can't wait to get a few pairs as Christmas presents)
  • A Country Farmhouse - When I found this woman's beautiful blog about her and her husband and their life as renovators and lovers of their farmhouse in Washington state, I told my sister, "She's living the life I always dreamed of!"
  • Soule Mama - A blog about raising children, living simply and naturally, and loving an old farmhouse in Maine
  • Reluctant Entertainer - An encouraging, beautiful site by a woman who teaches that entertaining is not about you ("My house isn't big enough/pretty enough/clean enough/etc."), but about building relationships with others and making them feel welcome. Her book is amazing and completely changed my view about having friends over to our home.

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