Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 9 - 30 Days of Thanks: Sleep

I'm giving thanks today for sleep. I don't get much of it (which is totally my own fault - I need to learn to put the laptop away hours sooner than I do), but the little I do get is precious.

The transforming power of sleep amazes me. I can fall asleep angry or stressed or sad, and wake up calm, refreshed, and excited for a new day, for a new start.

Pre-marriage and pre-parenthood, A and I would stay out until the wee hours and then sleep until early afternoon. When R was a baby and toddler and took naps every day, I'd usually sleep during at least one of his naptimes. I didn't realize in those days how much I would miss the freedom to sleep almost whenever I wanted to.

I fantasize about napping now. Especially on cold, wet, dreary days (like yesterday) when the world seems to whisper, "Stay in bed."

Do you get enough sleep? How much is enough?

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