Thursday, November 20, 2008

Great day

Today was a perfect example of why I starting taking every other Thursday off from work over a year ago. R and I had the best day together. We spent the morning lounging in our pajamas, drawing silly pictures and "doing crafts," and then R wrote his first book. He told me the story, I wrote it down, and he illustrated it. I would share it with you, but it ended up quickly diving into potty humor so I think I'll keep it to myself. The title is safe, though: "The Boy and His Friend, the Trash." :-)

Then, R's friend's mom called to figure out the details for our usual Thursday playdate. It was pretty cold today, so we decided to just hang out at their house because it is HUGE. Lots of room for two energetic four-year-olds. The boys played really nicely together, and the moms actually got to SIT and TALK for nearly the entire time. Amazing! It's been so nice getting to know this mom. I like her a lot, and her boys (ages 5 and 4) are really good kids. We made plans to all go to Edaville Railroad on Christmas Eve together.

After our visit (R and I both didn't want to leave), I took R to get a haircut. He was an absolute gem. Long gone are the days when he would cry during the entire ordeal and wriggle and squirm so that his head was nowhere near the stylist's scissors. He barely flinched today. And, he looks pretty darn handsome. Not that he doesn't always, but he's less shaggy-looking now.

Next we met up with more friends at a neighborhood playground. We didn't stay very long, though, because it was COLD. We headed back to our friends' house (these friends also have a huge house) for hot cocoa with marshmallows and lots of play time for the boys. Our families are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving together this year, so my friend and I made lots of plans about who is going to cook what, how we'll keep the kids entertained all day, etc. The boys played with a marble maze, trains, and R's friend Z's new Evil Knievel stunt motorcycle toy, which was very, very LOUD. R was very proud, too, that he got to try out Z's rollerblades (in the living room on the rug, while wearing a helmet).

Finally, we headed home to meet A and grab some dinner out. On the way home, R fell asleep in the car and A carried him into the house, snuggled into his shoulder.

What a great day.


Greg C said...

People gave us a hard time for our decission to have my wife stay home with the kids when they were young. They would make comments about us struggling to make ends meet and how much easier it would be if my wife worked etc etc. The truth is our boys are so much better off for it and it shows in everything they do. Spend as much time with R as you can. It is a wonderful thing and it will make a difference in his life.

Kansas Bob said...

What a great day indeed.. and what a great mom!