Thursday, November 13, 2008

What I did last night

Last night, R and I had fun building a Hot Wheels track and then sending cars down it into a pile of tiny automotive carnage. The track goes from our living room armchair, down through R's Lego car wash, through two loops, and into a cardboard box - although the bigger cars never made it through the second loop. I love this stuff! For some reason, when I dreamed about becoming a mom, designing car tracks and train tracks and shooting off model rockets and playing with Legos didn't enter my imagination. But I love it because it forces me to be creative, plus it's just so much fun to play like a kid again.

I had a video of R and me playing with the track, but it was still uploading after 2 HOURS, so I gave up. But here are some still photos.

Here is the entrance to the track, atop our heavenly squishy armchair.

R made use of his car wash that he and A built together two weeks ago with Legos. I had the brilliant idea to put it on top of R's kitchen stool to create an incline so that the cars could make it through the next stage: the corkscrew loops. Always thinking I am. (LOL. Wow - I have turned into Yoda Mommy.)

Here are the double loops and the pile of cars who, sadly, didn't make it. Actually, the real pile-up occurred at the base of the first loop, but this is what things looked like this morning. Note that R also sent two trains down the track. He experimented with many different vehicles, some of which smashed the smithereens out of the car wash and required Mommy to do some speedy Lego repairs. :-)


Greg C said...

I still love playing with cars, trains and rockets. I guess I am still just a big kid at heart.

Greg C said...
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Kansas Bob said...

Aaah.. these photos brought back such sweet memories of when my son (he even looked a bit like R) I played with Hot Wheels.. thanks for the memories Kristen.

shaun said...

*Automotive carnage*

Sounds like a blast

Heidi @ GGIP said...

My son (and my husband) love playing with these things.