Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This changes everything

I have hope again! Yesterday was the most amazing, wonderful time I've ever experienced as an American. I am so proud to have been part of making history.

It's very easy to become complacent about politics. Studying political science in college was the most depressing thing - understanding all the crap that goes on behind the scenes made me feel that my votes were practically meaningless. And, although I vote in every election - large and small, I've always had that feeling in the back of my mind. The election in 2004 got me excited again, but mostly out of desperation. And, I felt physically ill for days after how that one turned out.

But this election. I've been thrilled and so very hopeful for the possibility of what we could do, for how we could get people who never vote excited about voting, and for how the United States could repair itself, its reputation, and its people.

I was choking back the tears last night until the cameras focused in on Jesse Jackson. That was it for my composure. I can't even begin to imagine what this must mean for him and for so many others who worked and suffered and stood up during the Civil Rights era. They all made this day possible.

I'm praying for President Elect Obama. He has a huge job ahead of him and the expectations are so high. I'm praying that he'll seek God's help and guidance in his work and that he'll be able to implement the change he's been talking about. We sure do need it.

But today I just want to keep feeling the joy of last night!


Ericka said...

I had the same experience with Political science in college. And I was really nervous last night, even after they called it for Obama (Ohio was real close, with only 55% of precincts reporting). But I choked up too during his speech, and got a little mad at Katie Couric when she said Oprah was "extremely emotional", because she had a few tears falling.

Now, however, I'm really excited, and proud, and .... speechless (in a good way).

Kansas Bob said...

I am hopeful about America this morning.

Greg C said...

I too think it was great that so many Americans got out and voted however I feel in my heart that many of them voted for the wrong reasons. I too will pray for Obama and hope he is all that everyone hoped he would be.

Greg and Kim said...

I linked to this post from our blog. :) I hope that was okay.

Cap'n Slappy said...
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Stef said...

Beautifully put, Kristen! I agree 110%! I haven't felt proud to be an American in a very long time, but last night changed that. xoxo

shaun said...

I still can't vote, but I am fairly happy with the outcome and I am proud to be an American right now. It is so incredible that Obama's election is even possible. Just a few years ago I think there was no chance at all that a black man could ever be elected.
Honestly, I could care less about Him being black, but it does show that there is hope for this nation I think. After all as I like to point out to people who make any racial comments to me , we are all African anyway; it's supported scientifically and biblically.
Did you see the people dancing in the streets in Kenya? How cool is that?

Cap'n Slappy said...

ok, so I have absolutely no idea what that comment I put on there meant, I was extremely sick and and I took many varieties of cold medicine, and I guess I am actually a lunatic-so so sorry-can't figure out the deletey thingy-but I too was thrilled with Obama's victory and what it means for our country and the changes that may come about, so I have no idea why I would have put that on there, and I have absolutely no idea what baby baby baby meant, other than it's time for new medication for me . So, again, sorry, ant thank you for your longstanding tolerance of my jerkitude.