Friday, November 7, 2008

Week in pictures

R's drawing of my BlackBerry. The fact that he wanted to draw it at all makes me think I need to put it away more. :-(

R checking out his loot on Halloween night. At the time, this looked like way too much candy, but now it doesn't look too bad to me. Maybe it's because I just came off a nine-week fast from chocolate!

We had our last rocket day of the year last Saturday. This is A setting up.

R's newest thing: showing how strong he is. Here he's about to pick up his friend Z. He also tries to pick me up. I let him believe that he can. ;-)

One of our rockets takes off. The arrow is pointing to the bottom fins. Unfortunately, we lost this one somewhere in the field!

A and R head off into the harvested corn field to look for one of our rockets. They found that one.

This was R's debut using his own shopping cart. I think we'll wait another year or so before we let him try again. There were several people who left the grocery store with bruises on their shins that day.

Pictures of sunsets never come out the way they looked in real life, but I still couldn't resist. This was the view from my bedroom window.

R at the playground after running around like crazy with his friends. I love his rosy cheeks and that silly way he contorts his face when he smiles.

Finally, here's a picture from my wedding day that I promised last week.

That's us in front of the cathedral in Jackson Square. See the little kids with their pumpkins in the background? At the time, this was the most dressed-up I had ever seen A. I cracked up when he got dressed that morning because I had never seen him wear anything but jeans and t-shirts. He looked very handsome. :-)

It's been such a rollercoaster week, with the sadness of the layoffs at work, the jubilation of the election results, and then I had a couple of cranky days with R that were not his fault. I skipped my church group last night to try to make it up to him - plus, he had just had his flu shot (NOT the mist - boo!), so he was a little sad and sore. We played a board game together as a family and then had family story time (usually, A and I take turns). That was lovely. Sometimes I just need time like that to reground and re-center myself.

I hope you all have a fun and relaxing weekend!


Wanda said...

Oh Kristen....Love your Week in Pictures.

What a cute tour you gave us with A and R.

And the wedding die for~~ Sweetest thing ever.


Kansas Bob said...

What great photos Kristen.. especially loved the NOLA one. I thin that is great that A&R have the rockets.. great hobby and family activity.. especially for R :)

Heidi @ GGIP said...

That doesn't look like too much candy once you've shared with your parents...

My husband would have had fun doing the rockets. I guess my kids would too, but more my husband...

sandwhichisthere said...

Beautiful woman, handsome man, "A kiss for luck and you're on your way!".

Greg C said...

My youngest son loves to shoot off rockets but ours are only good for about one try because we have too many trees around our house. They usually get lost.